How GM Motors Holding Works


How the Plan Works

In 1929, General Motors established Motors Holding as a means to support its dealer network. Today it is an integral part of the Sales Operations group within the U.S. Sales, Service, and Marketing Staff. Motors Holding currently maintains five regional locations in the United States.

Through its Investment Plan, Motors Holding provides opportunities for qualified individuals to become independent GM Dealership Operators. The goal of Motors Holding is that such individuals will retire GM's capital investment with a reasonable return as a result of their own constructive efforts in operating a profitable dealership. As a result, Motors Holding and its dealers are instrumental in working together in support of a strong and diverse GM dealer network.

Motors Holding has provided investment capital to new and existing dealers for a wide variety of capital needs, including the following most frequently encountered:

  • First-Time Dealers: To supplement the capital resources of one or more individuals toward the establishment of a new dealership.
  • Partner Buyouts: To supplement capital available to one or more partners in an existing dealership to buyout the interests of partners where such a buyout improves the prospects of the long-term success of the dealership.
  • Dealers Buying Additional Stores or Relocating: To supplement capital available to an existing dealership to facilitate either the relocation of the dealership operations or the realignment of the brand channel in support of General Motors corporate network development initiatives.
  • Diversity Candidates: To supplement capital available to qualified diversity candidates in support of corporate efforts to achieve diversity in its dealer network.

Why Use Motors Holding?

While it is the responsibility of the Dealership Operator to manage the day-to-day operations of the dealership, a Motors Holding Regional Manager is available to consult with and advise the Dealership Operator for the entire investment period on matters of dealership operations, business opportunities, forecasting and development of business plans, and corporate governance. The Motors Holding Investment Plan provides its dealers with many features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

During the investment period, a Motors Holding Regional Manager is available to help Dealership Operators with matters such as:

Features and Benefits