Auto Dealership Investment Plan


The links below contain guidelines for the Investment Plan of Motors Holding, General Motors Company. The Investment Plan is designed to introduce you to Motors Holding by summarizing who we are and what we do.

This section does not attempt to discuss the details of any proposed investment in any specific General Motors dealership. Such details would be included in a business plan developed by a dealership operator, which forms part of the operator's investment proposal to Motors Holding.

Likewise, this section does not attempt to describe all of the opportunities and risks of investing in or operating an automotive dealership. As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, interested parties in the Motors Holding Investment Plan must independently investigate and evaluate, to their own satisfaction, the merits and risks of doing so, using counsel and professional advisors of their own selection. (See also "Operator's Risk" located further in this section.)

As with any investment, both the Operator and Motors Holding's investment funds are at risk and they may both lose their entire investments in an unprofitable dealership venture.

Requirements for Investment:

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